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How Club Vitals Works:

Information is gathered through our individual QR-Bar codes placed on every piece of equipment in your facility, from fitness equipment, to first aid, AED, pool filters, gym locker rooms, you name it.

Once a (Ticket) is created it is then transferred to your facility’s database  and a email is sent to maintenance staff, facility directors or even 3rd party maintenance providers so each party is aware of the problem in real time. The email will provide all the necessary information needed to fix the piece of equipment.

(Equipment information) is now obtained in one place so you will never have to shuffle through those log books and file cabinets to find important information such as warranty info, serial numbers and any history on that piece of equipment.

(The Maintenance Calendar) allows you to schedule routine maintenance throughout your facility with a touch of a button. Through notification preferences you can inform your staff or 3rd party companies of the repairs that need to be done. The recipient of the task is then held accountable to complete certain events such as the mileage log or equipment clean up once the event has been assigned to them. When the event is finished, facility staff will then mark the issue as completed and will report any further issues accordingly.

(Reports) are sent out every month and a year-end summary through an excel spreadsheet. These reports will let you know how your facility is being maintained every month and will help you make educated decisions when buying new equipment and plan for scheduled maintenance. These reports will show you everything from the miles that were logged, the repairs made and the cost to maintain the facility. 


Club Vitals prides itself in its user friendly system and privacy. Our product allows you to set your own privacy privileges to ensure the logs integrity. You can rest assured your information is safe with the use of Club Vitals.


Where to Find Us:

4389 Brookside Ln
Unit B
Bozeman, MT 59718

Phone: 1-855-614-8188

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