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Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At Lifestyle Trends LLC the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations! With our wide range of services, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. If you’re in the fitness industry and are looking for a better way to manage your facility, you'll find everything you need right here. Our newest and most recent product Club Vitals will turn your facility maintenance into a walk through the park rather than an ongoing headache. Whether it is fitness equipment your looking maintain or HVAC units in your facility, Club Vitals is the maintenance product system for you. Please Watche the quick informational video below to get a idea how Club Vitals works.


Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software

As technology increases so does the use of computer software and web based systems. To adjust to this demand we now provide an up to date tracking systems that is used in fitness facilities around the world. Club Vitals creator Skye Kaiss, has created a system to enhance your awareness of your facility maintenance in real time using a variety of notification preferences.  Emails or text messages may be sent to your maintenance staff in a matter of a few seconds after a problem is reported. Club Vitals incorporates this easy to use technology by placing Qr-bar codes on every piece of equipment along with a number. Members may then download the free Qr-bar code reader for free on their smart device to report any problems. Members who would rather report the issue to staff only need the number off the equipment to do so. These reports are then stored into a custom online account where it may be accessed anywhere at any time. Owners are then able to stay up to date on their facilities overall health by simply logging in to system. No need for those pesky log books and file cabinets because all your information is now logged into one safe place, Club Vitals.


Asset Tracking Software

Club Vitals customers can now keep track of every asset they have invested into their facility. One of the many amazing features that the system has to offer is under the reports tab. Reports can't be generated every month to show every dollar that has been spent on facility maintenance each month. Customers are now experiencing more savings throughout their facility by keeping a detailed track of materials, supplies and maintenance. Many Club Vital customers have reported as much as 16k in savings by simply keeping a better record of what was spent every month on their facility. Other advantages to the reports feature are a detailed log of the usage on every piece of equipment month to month. From miles that were logged down on a treadmill to the hours of the HVAC units in the facility, it is now at your fingertips for evaluation. Club owners and facility staff are staying up to date on this very important information; gym owners are receiving more return on their used equipment as well as their facilities when moving forward with new adventures. This tool alone makes Club Vitals a key factor when tracking a customer’s assets.



Asset Management Control



Why do we need efficient management of assets?


In today's business enterprises, there is a need for efficient management of assets. Information about how the asset is being used, who has it, where it is located and other information modern companies require to effectively and efficiently track and use existing resources in addition to planning the acquisition of new ones.

Lifestyle Trends LLC. has developed a complete solution for the control and management of assets which enables you at any point in time to access valuable information:

  • Where are they located?
  • What is the current state of repair or functionality?
  • Additional information such as maintenance schedule, age, etc.

Our approach is to integrate into existing clients IT systems enabling you to:

  • Perform a quick inventory of your assets.
  • Easy to print our custom Qr-bar code labels with inventory numbers for your assets.
  • Quickly get accurate information.
  • Integrate the results into our information system.


The Solution


The solution we provide for the control and management of assets consists of the following components:

1.    Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software


  • Downloading and Installing Qr-bar code application on a smart phone or iPad will allow members of your facility to report any problems. Our system will then send an email or SMS alert to staff after the problem detection.
  • Members can also report the number of the faulty asset, in person, to maintenance staff
  • Thanks to our cloud based systems, owners will have much more efficient supervision of their facilities and assets


2.    Asset Tracking Software


  • Software that will be tracking all of your assets in your facility.
  • Monitoring assets usage as well as its maintenance, which will amount to considerable savings on a monthly bases.
  • Easier to predict future maintenance expenses


Getting your money’s worth…


Every company has valuable assets that are worth tracking. Successful companies seeking to improve their performance must at all times know that their facilities are operating smoothly and all company assets are accounted for.

Implementation of this solution enables an accurate, fast and simple way to achieve:

1.     Accuracy in facility maintenance management


  • Exact information about the existence and location of items provided by your asset tracking software
  • Exact information for inventory tracking purposes
  • Supply asset tracking system
  • Proper labeling for barcode or qr code tracking systems


2.     Speed


  • Time required to make an inventory list is greatly reduced
  • Manually entering data and filing paperwork is a thing of the past
  • Time needed to get notification of a possible problem is greatly reduced, which will enable you and your staff to work more promptly, keeping your customers satisfied and loyal to your company.


Who wins using Lifestyle Trends LLC solutions?


The solution we are offering is comprehensive and easy to use for every owner who wishes to have control over inventory systems, facility maintenance and proper management of equipment. This combination of software solutions, smart phones with installed Qr-bar code applications and stickers with bar code inventory numbers of your assets greatly simplifies equipment maintenance of your assets. Our barcode tracking software increases the efficiency of their use. From our experience we highlight situations in which our clients derive a high benefit.

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